Erik Moldstad - Owner & Chief meteorologist

      Erik has been forecasting the weather on the West Coast since 1990, after graduating from the University of Washington with an Atmospheric Sciences degree.  Since then he has been forecasting the weather in the private sector for most of the growing areas in California, Washington and Oregon.  He has developed an extensive knowledge of the micro-climates along the West Coast and has been working with clients directly for over 25 years.  Precision Forecasting, LLC has a large agricultural client base in the growing areas of Central and Northern California as well as the Mid Columbia Region of Oregon. Industrial clients extend from Eugene, Oregon to the Canadian border along the Interstate 5 corridor. His frost forecasts can be heard throughout the Mid Columbia Region on KIHR during the spring. The main forecasting office is located in Seattle, WA near the University of Washington.

Michael Fagin - Meteorologist & Director of Sales and Marketing.

     Mike has been forecasting the weather in the Pacific Northwest for over 15 years for mountain climbers and hikers and has been working with Precision Forecasting since January of 2003.  He has extensive forecasting experience for the entire West Coast for both industrial and agricultural purposes. Michael recently published a book on where to find the best areas for good weather hiking in the Pacific Northwest. 


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